Monday, 10 November 2014

Trying to Keep Fit

I am not exercising much at the moment and I could blame parenthood in combination with office working, but that wouldn’t be very honest of me. Let’s face it, I am being a bit lazy. Until the day comes that I am feeling less lazy, I am sticking to a few things that easily slot into my everyday life:

  1. Active commuting: I cycle to and from the office everyday, which adds up to 56km a week.
  2. Mobility WODs: We have recently been inspired by MobilityWOD to do more stretching. So far, I am squatting and doing the ‘couch stretch’ while watching television.
  3. Playing: Yesterday, I played tag with my 5 year old nephew, hung upside down and climbed up a kids’ climbing frame. This is particularly easy to incorporate once the little ones start running and climbing around.
  4. Yoga: A few sun salutations go a long way, especially in the middle of a working day to clear the brain fog and get the blood flowing to the brain again.
All in all, I think I am keeping relatively fit and when the day comes for my next run, I think I will be ok… in pain, but I’ll survive.

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