Saturday, 11 October 2014

Viewings and Chow

While I've been happily immersing myself in functional movement in a gym, my parents have been slaving away at home, preparing to sell the house. Things suddenly got a bit hectic, now that we've found a fantastic place out in the sticks and now need to sell this house. It's been go, go, go for a few weeks now, whipping the house and garden into shape for photos and tomorrow's viewings.

It's good to be home though, eating food off proper plates and not from glass jars. Despite a rather full on cleaning day, we managed to eat pretty darn well. And tomorrow, while potential buyers are viewing the house, we'll be treating ourselves to brunch in a restaurant. :-)

Omelette with home cured bacon, lingonberries and salad. Fermented beetroot juice, don't ask...

Home pickled herring in paleo mayo, with salad and cold sweet potatoes.

Salmon fillets wrapped in smoked salmon, salad (we like kraut, yeah), paleo mayo sauce and some cold rice.

Keep your fingers crossed for us tomorrow!

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