Friday, 3 October 2014

Trigger Point(less)

Wow. Where have the last three weeks gone? Commute, class, work out, eat, class, study, commute, eat, sleep. Repeat. Whoop!

I've been extremely impressed with the course so far. The teachers are extremely knowledgable and have FIRE in their bellies. The coursework takes me out of my comfort zone on a daily basis (anatomy, anyone?).

However, the key takeaway from this week is the distance I have put between me and my old life. That - not so exact - distance can be measured in my shoulders' trigger points.

You see, we learned a few handy massage techniques in the last days and some of them focused on the little knots (trigger points) that so many of us develop in our muscles, preferably in our shoulders when we're have a stressful desk job.

Ever since I started working I've had stiff, knotted, painful shoulders. At one point it got so bad that I lost all sensation in my right index finger. At another point, my shoulder gave me so much grief that I couldn't sleep properly for months. Let's just say I was expecting to be the perfect lesson in locating trigger points.

I wasn't. Actually, I SUCKED as an example. Even the teacher struggled to find much.

THAT's how far I've come.

My face after two days of kneading

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