Sunday, 31 August 2014

City Essentials

Parachuting out of London meant removing a lot of clutter from my life. Among them were clothes, jewellery, handbags, shoes and makeup, ie anything that didn't serve an immediate purpose in a garden or field or forest. Mamma remarked at some point that it would be nice if I wore something else but my jean shorts and one of my gazillion white tank tops, but I haven't seen the point.

Returning briefly to "civilisation" in London has me donning stuff that now feels oddly foreign to me, things that seemed useful to me in my earlier life. Grandma's cherished ring is still gorgeous, but feels over the top on my blackberry scratched fingers. The handbag that I "invested in" right before I decided to leave still smells divine and elegantly carries all sorts of junk, but feels like a bad joke when considering how much food the money I bought it for could buy. The measly pieces of makeup that I still have left make me feel almost garish when I use them, despite being probably unnoticeable to people around me.
Add caption about silly handbag splurges 
Funny how things that used to feel so essential now just feel like a burdensome, superfluous. Why is it so important to look a certain way, to be so polished? Why do we spend so much money on stuff that is pretty but unnecessary? We're fools, yeah.

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