Saturday, 16 August 2014

Achtung! Wonder Woman Gushing

Wow. What to do, what to say? How does one sum up a week of this? This course has been absolutely riveting from start to finish. The subject matter is obviously close to my heart, but what made the experience were the people. My amazingly quirky, sassy, intelligent, funny and compassionate fellow nutri-nerds. We're talking "massive collective girl/ boy crush" here. Ouch, I miss them already.

So what's next? A lot. I'll be wrapping up the nutrition course next week, hopefully passing with flying colours (given how much I've studied, I'd be mortified if I didn't...).

And once that's off my plate, I'm on to the next course. To become a PT. How's that for a challenge? The thought makes me grin and squirm at the same time. But the voice in my head that shouts "why the hell not?" is louder than ever. You may call me Wonder Woman, if you wish. I sure feel like it.

This Stockholm hottie wasn't copyrighted, so he'll have to illustrate just how badass I am 
Swirling around this are all the ideas and plans for how I want to use my new knowledge. And I will be letting them swirl for a while longer. Because I now know that things will eventually fall into place. I just need to have faith and patience. Two virtues that I never realised I had.

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