Thursday, 15 May 2014

First Reflections on Returning to Work

I haven't written any blog posts lately, as I have been focused on mentally and practically preparing myself to return to work. Now that I have been back at work for two weeks I want to share some initial observations:

1. There is a dress code in our office, which for example states that open-toe sandals are not allowed.  I have now noticed is that there is also an unwritten rule: you must wear at least one piece of clothing that is either black or grey (for men, a dark blue suit is also acceptable). I had completely forgot how dark and gloomy officewear is, although a look in my closet would have told me so. In order to cheer myself up, I add at least one bit of colour to my outfit every day. The easiest way is definitely by wearing my bright orange flats. They make me smile when I walk around the grey office.
Obligatory black trousers, paired with orange flats
2. Office workers eat a lot of junk food. People snack all the time and there are cakes everywhere. So far there has not been a day when there hasn’t been some cake lurking nearby. I am determined not to get (back) into bad habits, so I bring in a packed lunch and have coffee with cream if I fancy anything in between meals. 
Today’s excellent lunch was a tin of tuna in olive oil, a hardboiled egg, chard from our garden, sauerkraut, tomato and a bit of chopped up chorizo. So filling! But I have a slight suspicion that it may have smelled a bit. Hehe.

3. Chronic cardio, as coined by Mark Sisson, is alive and kicking in London. A few people in my team manage to squeeze in two gym sessions a day several times a week. I have a feeling that point 2 may be hindering progress somewhat. I hold my tongue about these observations and do the 'nod and smile' thing, as I don't want the discussion about food and exercise at the moment. I still need to work on my arguments against 'everything in moderation'. 

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