Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Taking Paleo on Holiday

Sun rise walk
The whole Paulsson Paleo gang, including Lil T is on holiday in the Philippines, soaking up some sun. This holiday, I am making a conscious effort to maintain some paleo principles. Otherwise, I find that it can be difficult to keep up healthy habits on holiday: it is so easy to use the holiday excuse, telling yourself that you'll restart again when you get home. Admittedly, I am using that excuse a bit (eating more fruit), but not to the extent that I normally would and I am feeling better because of it.

So, what bits of paleo have I taken on holiday with me? Well, because of the jet lag I have been waking up ridiculously early. So I have done some yoga at 6-7 am. How often do I get a chance to do sun salutations to the sun rise at home? One morning I threw in an early morning swim, another we took a lovely walk, interspersed with a short sprint. It feels good to get some exercise in before the day gets too hot.

I have also tried to keep food local and seasonal. This was as bit difficult in the big hotel in Manila where everything was available at the breakfast buffet. Once we travelled into the countryside though, we could see pineapple, papaya and bananas growing and being sold on the side of the road. I've been upping my intake of those lovely fruits each morning. It is also easy to tell by the prices on the menu which meats are local - we are eating pork, beef and chicken. I have spied salmon, Brazilian steak and New Zealand lamb on the menu, but why would I want to eat that?

I have been loading up on vitamin D, getting some direct sunlight on my pale winter skin... And then shying away into the shade to avoid burn and sun stroke.

Finally, I have been catching up on sleep. As a new mum, I am constantly sleep deprived. Being on holiday with baby watching back-up, I finally have the opportunity to nap. Forty-five minutes before dinner does wonders!

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