Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Sunscreen II

Update on the sunscreen avoidance scheme: it's going very well! 

We spent most of the day outside yesterday, but thanks to some nifty accessories (and plenty of shade) I have the start of a nice tan without even a hint of a sunburn. 
  • I bought a rash guard off Surfdome before I left, with long sleeves and a collar (originally worn by surfers to avoid rubbing themselves raw against their surf boards, but excellent for blocking the sun as well). Apart from being a bit difficult to strip off without flashing (it sucked off my bikini top), it's a gem for swimming and just lounging about in the pool or ocean.
  • Given my relative "largesse" compared to my Filipina sistas, I knew I'd struggle to find women's board shorts (again, originally for surfing, but double up well as sunblock). Ten pairs of women's triple XL later, I moved to men's, but to no avail. Luckily, I found a pair in the dusty resort shop in bright pink.
  • Three hats were packed as well, with my Yankees souvenir being the usual companion in the water.
  • Last but not least, I brought plenty of coconut oil to use as a basic natural sunscreen for those short walks into the sun. 
Given the type of holiday we're on (niece and grandparent-friendly destination wedding), perhaps it isn't too much of a feat to avoid the sun and stay unburnt. I am sure I would still have to resort to SPF 50 in the face if I were to opt for more intense water sports. Or perhaps try out the local T-shirt burka sported by the builders and boatmen?  

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