Thursday, 23 January 2014

Flight Fasting

Last week I "managed" to fit in two long haul flights, so I thought I would use it to get some fasting in. Fasting allows your body to repair and rejuvenate itself and can even help you lose a few pounds in the process, if you're keen on that. I was also hoping that my 13 time zone jet lag would be a little less beastly because of it, and I actually think it may have worked...

The key to being able to comfortably fast is to avoid messing with your blood sugar, hence I made sure to get in a huge breakfast with plenty of fat and protein and minimal amounts of carbs before the flight. The boys were impressed!

I reckon my colleagues' version with a 10 am beer was a little less optimal, ha ha.

My reward after 15 - 16 hours of fasting during waking hours (incorporating night time sleep into a fast is of course easier!) was room service.

Although I planned this particular fast, my usual approach to fasting is pretty haphazard. I simply use it as a handy way of avoiding crap food when on the road. If I don't find any decent lunch, I can easily go without food until dinner instead, or longer. This way I avoid eating things that will make me crash and burn a few hours later, often triggering an irritating cycle of hunger and pesky carb cravings that can stretch on for days.

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